Hello everyone! This is my first article, I started because I love writing and my biggest dream is to publish many works by me. Also, I'm from Italy, so my English isn't so good!

So, I will start doing an article based of my two obsessions, Euphoria and making OCs.

I was inspired by this article (that I find amazing!)


Name: Eliza
Last name: Levine
Birtday: 7th September
Sexuality: Bisexual


hair, girl, and pink image hair and pink image girl, hair, and pink image Image by Andrea (•–•)
Dark brown hair dyed pink, green eyes, light skin, 158 cm of height or 5'2"


makeup and eye image pink, makeup, and aesthetic image makeup, eyes, and beauty image Image by CC🖤
She loves glitter and pink, but she also likes mixing colours and eyeliner


nails, purple, and fashion image fashion, outfit, and style image Image by ju ! clothes, fashion, and girls image
pink, girl, and fashion image red, dress, and beauty image accessories, beauty, and dress image fashion, dress, and style image
fashion, dress, and style image dress, fashion, and pink image
School dances and prom


Temporarily removed quotes and kendall jenner image pink, hearts, and heart image aliens, death, and emotions image
Apparently she's so mean, sassy. could kill you only with her eyes, but if you look her so deeply she has a sweet heart and she could do everything for her friends and loved ones. She also loves long talk, she could really talk for hours if she feels right. Last, but not least, she fights for her goals and she is a proud feminist.


aesthetic, girls, and kiss image party, friends, and 90s image goth, gothic, and green image artist, beautiful, and pretty image
When she was at a party in summer, she got so drunk and she hooked up with a girl, so other people knew the fact she likes girls, too. Then, so many boys asked her for threesome, and she did it once.


euphoria, zendaya coleman, and zendaya image makeup, euphoria, and alexa demie image euphoria, zendaya, and alexa demie image euphoria, fez, and fezco image
She is friend pratically with everyone, her bestie is Maddy even they are so different, she also has a good relationship with Fez.


euphoria and lexi howard image kiss, love, and couple image
She has a huge crush on Lexi, but she doesn't want to ruin her friendship with Cassie, so she barely talk with her, even if at a party they kissed in a "Truth or Dare?" turn.

That's all for now!
I hope you enjoy, see you soon!