Hi guys!
I will start the school on Wednesday so I decided to write this articol even if so many people shared the same kind of content.
Hope you enjoy it!!

Look 1

fashion, girl, and hair image fashion, style, and jeans image fashion, shoes, and black image beauty, earrings, and fashion image

Look 2

outfit, denim jacket, and style image adidas, shoes, and sneakers image Image removed backpack, bag, and coffee image

Look 3

Abusive image fashion, outfit, and style image converse, shoes, and white image girl, books, and fashion image

Look 4

Temporarily removed black, blogger, and fashion image nike, shoes, and sneakers image Image by CC🖤

Look 5

Image by ~amarita~ fashion, clothes, and style image shoes, Fila, and white image girl, eyes, and aesthetic image