Everyone knew
I knew it,
did I know it?
I know what you feel
I do not know what I feel
Do I feel safe?
I feel safe
But once you're gone, I feel helpless
I feel naive
I feel too young
I miss you
Do I miss you?
What does it mean if I question
What do I hope for?
I trust myself
I trusted many people
Some dropped me
Will you drop me?
Every evening I asked myself how to proceed
I laughed
I cried
I was safe and uncertain
It was a while until I knew what everyone else knew
I knew it
You knew it
We both knew it
However, nobody said a word about it
But we felt it
It was clear since the beginning
Finally I can admit it to myself
I know it
I know my feelings about you
I love you
By @kathi_3203