I know you don't understand this, but still I want you to receive my message, maybe not in human language but I know you will be able to understand the words from a universal language, I want to communicate with you about some life issues and the events that have happened in recent time.
You are living away from my home now,
in a different family.
Different scenery, different people.

You know that I miss you
as I know you miss me so.

I cannot be by your side most of the time, and for that
I want to say that...

We've fallen in love with eachother
the first time you were so little that you fitted to the seize of my PALMS.
You slept on me when you were...
...just a few days old
and from then on,
our bondage
has only been growing.
I mean how could I imagine
you, the little fragile being,
will be a threat to ANY being in this world.

But you became an adolescent dog
and changed your behaviour
in a way
you became a threat to other people.

But I Believe
and Know
you don't really want to hurt any being
but still,
we had to let you go,
fortunately to a house where I can mostly visit you
whenever I want.

Perhaps you will be happier
and you even are happier now
I really really hope
and wish you ALL THE LOVE in this world

and, although with a different owner,
you will always be my dog.

My love.
My joke.
My happiness.
Moja šala. <3

(Yes, this letter is for a dog, and I, a loving guardian will never leave you,
I'm always in your heart).