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it’s my first article so i hope you’ll enjoy it

okay everyone, it’s official : fall is here ! fall is kinda the best season for wear a colour who is too much put aside. you saw it in the title, i’m talking of brown. however, and contrary to what you could think, it’s very easy to pick up an outfit with a brown touch or why not a total look.

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1 - why would i wear brown ?
the best thing about brown is it : that colour is in a “camaïeu” very large. (it’s a french word, there’s no equivalent in english, it means all the shades of a colour, from the clearest to the darkest)

2- which colors could be wear with brown ?
you could assort it with gold, beige, and with some classics like white, black, blue, grey and obvious blue denim.

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3- how can i make my outfit more interesting and funnier ?
playing with materials or patterns is such a cool way to add to your outfit this little touch that make it great.

4- has brown advantages ?
they're actually numerous. first, especially for brown-haired and eyed people, it’ll create a very harmonious set ; second, warm tones will give to anyone impression of a more tanned complexion. a last thing you need to know : all the styles match with brown ! it's super easy to assort it with any fashion style.

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5- a last advice ?
but warning ! use brown with caution, fall is the perfect season but do not use it when it’s spring or summer time, that’s not something matching with trends at this time of year.

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that’s all for today, hope it was not so bad

i’m sorry for english mistakes i’m not bilingual yet ahah