i think i met you for a reason, i don't know if you'll judge my decision
i feel scared to let you know, one season you'l let me go
maybe i'm not like you maybe i'm too crazy in the head
maybe i'm too shy in the bed not what you like and dream of

i know of our high expectations
you got them from movies and villains
superheroes playing in your head,when you saw me thought i was one of them

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turns out i'm different

i walked into a new land, a whole other universe
and i left you behind me, so alone and indifferent

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let me ask you who are you with

how can trust you. how do i know what you say it's the truth.
you stay so calm when you are lonely, i would have you in my arms if i was wise
id make better decisions for us and me
but i guess i'm too mother fucking crazy to tell you

i change my mind about a thousand times a day
and to show you
all of the colors that play though my mind in a tornado
losing it

feel like i'm dreaming
i'm wondering
if what i'm feeling
is just me being a way from you

not having enough skin to prove i'm awake
i could do impossible things
and i need them, i tell myself

it's gonna prove my worth and insure the -

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risk ever losing you was worth it