Inspired By


Books or Movies

autumn, bed, and blanket image movie, bed, and room image
Depends, I used to be obsessed with books when I was younger, then obsessed with movies and now both.

Trains or Planes

city, travel, and plane image girl, train, and travel image
Both agian lol, I love visiting new countries and I loveee the view from planes, but I often go to school or go to the city with my friends by train.

Sneakers or Heels

nike and sneakers image Image removed

Summer or Winter

beach, best friend, and colorful image body, fit, and fitness image
Summer. ( In The Netherlands it's not very hot, thats nice because I get really sick when it gets above 85F / 30 Degrees )

Spring or Fall

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Spring <3

Sunsets or Sunrise

beach, summer, and sunset image beach, sunset, and sea image

Sea or Forest

blue, sea, and sun image blue, clouds, and ocean image
Sea, I love the smell and the feeling. But I don't like going in to deep because I'm scared of deep water

Hotdog or Pizza

food, pizza, and delicious image beautiful, blondie, and bun image
Pizza, duh

Jeans or Dress

fashion, style, and jeans image dress, shop, and style image
Fall, Winter, Spring > Jeans, Summer > Dress

Hugs or Kisses

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Hugs, eventhough I don't really like physical touch cause it makes me uncomfortable (not with family or good friends tho)

Black & White or Color

afternoon, beauty, and blue image flowers, wallpaper, and background image

Drawing or Painting

art, drawing, and draw image Image by Mohamed Abo El Yazid

Chocolate or Vanilla

brownies, chocolate, and desserts image chocolate, food, and aesthetic image

Action movies or Comedy Movies

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Aaahh both c:

Asking question or Answering question

quotes, think, and wish image blue, neon, and light image
Asking question

Xoxo, Kris <3