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autumn is here & i couldn't be happier. i recently did an autumn/winter fashion article, which inspired me to talk about the hair & beauty trends that we will see this a/w season.

you can check out my fashion article here if you like:

before you read this article, just know that everything in this article are trends that have been seen on the a/w 2019 catwalks or styles that seem to crop up every year (sources: vogue magazine, harper's bazaar). you don't have to follow these trends. embrace your natural hair & beauty, choose to experiment with makeup or don't wear any, do what YOU feel comfortable with!

hope you enjoy! 🍁☕🍂


jewelled clips & barrettes

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the hair clip trend is not going anywhere and it's getting even more glitzy. the more jewels & pearls the better to add some glam to your everyday hair styles.

natural hair

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this is not really a trend but i think it's important to mention that there is nothing better than being your comfortable self & embracing your natural hair, whatever type of hair you have!


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headbands have been seen a lot this summer, just like hair clips & they are sticking around for autumn. they are so useful for formal events, to glam up your everyday hair do or keeping your fringe/bangs away from your face on those days where your hair just won't go right! plus, they are really cute and often give a vintage, elegant look.

low ponytails

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ponytails never go out of fashion but there are many different ways to wear them to keep them interesting. wearing your ponytail low with a cute ribbon or hair scarf is such an elegant, timeless look.

hair scarves

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talking of low ponytails, the perfect accessory to go with them is a hair scarf in autumnal tones & patterns. the equestrian style ones are the best!

half-up do's

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a half-up do is such a simple look but it always looks so nice. whether you accessorise with a scarf, headband, clip, ribbon or scrunchie, you can never go wrong with this look.


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i'm a little bit obsessed with ribbons, especially in a/w when all the velvet, autumnal toned ones come out! choose ones in burgundy, mustard, navy & rust & you can wear them in any style - low or high ponytails, buns, half-up do's & even braids.


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buns are great. they keep your hair from getting in the way & they look so pretty. embrace your inner ballerina & experiment with bun hairstyles this autumn - high or low, scrunchies or ribbons, messy or sleek? there's so many options!


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scrunchies are the greatest. they can look cute with a high ponytail but they can also achieve such a classy, sophisticated look with a low ponytail or bun. there's something nostalgic about them too. choose them in autumnal colours to suit the season!


berry lips

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this daring lipstick trend returns almost every autumn because it is vampy, sultry & dark - perfect for the autumn/halloween season. you can choose red or purple shades, whatever suits you. for daytime, keep the eye makeup minimal to make the lips stand out but don't be afraid to go for a dark smokey eye for night!

graphic eyeliner

Image by 𝐠𝐢𝐚𝐧𝐠 makeup, eyeliner, and beauty image Image by Nathalie beauty, Queen, and retro image

there was a lot of colourpop eyeliner throughout summer but now it's time to return to the faithful black shade. a statement cat eye flick would nail this trend perfectly. twiggy in the 60's is a key icon for this trend.

smokey dark eyes

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a smokey brown eye is such a simple look but it's very effective. it's suitable for both daytime & night and has the same sultry, vampy vibe that berry lips have if you aren't a fan of dark lipstick!

glossy lips

Image by K Y L I E red, lips, and aesthetic image lips, aesthetic, and makeup image aesthetic, lips, and gold image

this may not seem like the best trend when it's cold and windy & your hair is blowing in your face but the glossy lip trend doesn't seem to be going anywhere. pop some clear gloss over your favourite go-to lip shade & you're sorted!

glitter eyes

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a subtle touch of glitter to your everyday makeup routine is a fun way to add some glam & to change things up a little. gold, bronze & copper tones are best for this season.

autumnal nail shades

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don't forget your nails! paint them in autumnal tones to suit the season - burgundy, burnt orange, mustard, forest green, copper etc. there are many colours to choose from!

colour matching

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matching your eye colour to your lip colour is a trend that has been forecast for this a/w and it's such a simple look to achieve! a nude eye with a nude lip is a perfect daytime look but if you want to be bold, i love the red eye & lip creation worn by lucy boynton in the pic above.

berry eyes

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if you're not a fan of berry lips, try berry eyes! burgundy or deep purple smokey eyeshadow in the autumn is the perfect ode to the most beautiful season of the year.


beauty and makeup image aesthetic, eyes, and makeup image beauty, inspiration, and inspo image Image by Nathalie

euphoria has been a hit & the makeup looks in that show have inspired so many to be creative with glitter, colour, jewels & face art, it's great! embrace this trend in a/w by incorporating some sparkle into your everyday looks or going bold with pearls & jewels for parties.

that is all for this article! i hope you liked this & maybe got some makeup & hair inspiration for the upcoming autumn/winter season aka the best time of the year. 🍂☕🍁