grunge, aesthetic, and chains image grunge, aesthetic, and angel image
i'm still figuring out my aesthetic, i'm literally a mix of a vsco girl, e-girl and a soft girl. am i okay? idk
beauty, makeup, and aesthetic image beauty, face mask, and girl image
clear skin who? i had clear skin for like 2 days and now im breaking out again.
drink, eat, and food image food, healthy, and yummy image
losing weight and eat more healthier but it doesn't help when pizza is life.
Temporarily removed Image removed
growing my hair long again and dye it to one of these colors but nah im stuck with black/blue :/
makeup, glitter, and eyes image Image removed
i wanna be good at make-up so i can hide my ugly ass face :)
f and grades image class, effort, and food image
good grades, i mean i have them but they're not perfect enough but i don't have the concentration to study :///

thinking about starting a ig acc, idk?