These days a lot of young people are starting the new school year, someone already did and others still have to, but we're all in the same situation: anxiety and stress are knocking at our door and we can do nothing but let them in.

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Shopping for school has begun: pens, notebooks, books, highlighters etc. are what everyone needs to start school prepared.

There are some pros of going back to school: if you like your classmates, you probably can't wait to see them again, spend hours with them, be desperate with them, laugh, cry, smile and be your true self.

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Other situations unfortunately are not like that, there are always people who will tease you, maybe even bully you, and going back to school is not that simple.

If you're one of those people who usually get bullied or discriminated, I'd like to give you an advice: find yourself, don't care about those people, they don't deserve your tears, it's hard I know. Try to open up with people you don't know, find friends in them, be yourself and others will apreciate you the way you are.

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I regret not having shown myself for who I really am, but this year, even if it's my last one, I'll try and I know it will be worth it.

School should be everyone's safe place; during your school years you should make your best experiences, you're living your youth, don't waste it, you'll never have it back.

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Everything we learn at school can be useful for our life, even the things we usually consider not important, talking about them as "things we will never have to deal with again". Remeber that even a little concept we learn, is a piece of the huge puzzle that our mind is.

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The End

Thank you if you've read 'til this point, I really hope you've appreciated my article :)

Kisses ♡