hi guys! i found this tag and i thought it's creative and cool. ^^ (my english is bad as always but i'm learning the language so please appreciate it. o//) let's get started!!!

โ™ก name โ™ก

mark or felix + german or korean/japanese last name

โ™ก age โ™ก


โ™ก appearance โ™ก

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โ™ก always has got beautiful hair. big, kissable lips. dark brown or black hair. dark eyes. โ™ก

โ™ก nationality โ™ก

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โ™ก he was born in germany but he lived in south korea and japan. he studying in aboard, maybe in england nowbut he don't like it because of raining. โ™ก

โ™ก personality โ™ก

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โ™ก always in love. a loud motherfucker and always sips the tea. an actual drama queen. laugh on everything, literally on everything!!. act cool. secretly smart. has got so many friends but all of them are crackheads like him. sometimes savage but often cute and innocent. a big ass fanboy. โ™ก

โ™ก style โ™ก

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โ™ก hoodies, hoodies and hoodies. usually wear black but likes all colors. but his favs are black and grey. when summer comes he wears shirts. he prefers trousers than jeans. โ™ก

โ™ก music taste โ™ก

army, gif, and k-pop image
โ™ก listens only kpop. stan every boy group in kpop industry. his favs are bts, monsta x & cix and more. oh and he misses wanna one soo much. )))): his ult is jungkook. โ™ก

and that's all. thank you so much. :)) i enjoyed so much this tag. if you want to you can do it too. just tag me. ;))) bye have a nice day.