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blonde, sun, and swimwear image dog, animal, and cute image music, aesthetic, and song image Temporarily removed

movie character: samantha "sam" dutton

emma watson image aesthetic, albums, and cds image trip, vacation, and road image book, vintage, and old image
from perks of being a wallflower

tv character: rachel green

friends, rachel green, and monica image aesthetics, Bershka, and girly image vintage, girls, and 90s image coffee, cup, and drink image
from friends

book character: hermione granger

gif, harry potter, and hermione granger tumblr image cat and animal image book, autumn, and winter image gryffindor, harry potter, and hogwarts image
from the book series; harry potter

cartoon character: mabel pines

Temporarily removed aesthetics, cardigan, and fashion image animal, cute, and pig image pink, donuts, and food image
from gravity falls

actor: chris hemsworth

chris hemsworth image aesthetic, brown, and gold image beige, aesthetic, and brown image actor, gif, and handsome image

actress: emma watson

emma watson image Temporarily removed aesthetic, book, and soft image Image removed

cartoon: the amazing world of gumball

fish, tv, and vintage image freaks and geeks and tv show image pizza, food, and cheese image Image by Gaby San Martin

tv show: the vampire diaries

teeth, fangs, and aesthetic image Abusive image vampire, black and white, and gif image nature, forest, and tree image

movie: lord of the rings

middle earth, map, and the hobbit image gif, lord of the rings, and LOTR image nature, flowers, and door image Image removed

music artist: harry styles

handsome, photoshoot, and sexy image 1d, harry, and solo harry image black, boy, and men image guitar and summer image

album: harry styles

album, lockscreen, and Harry Styles image quotes, kindness, and Harry Styles image Temporarily removed car, sunset, and aesthetic image
by harry styles

favorite song atm: must have been the wind

adventure, city, and europe image girl, aesthetic, and sky image aesthetics, thirteen reasons why, and zach dempsey image people, grunge, and quotes image
by alec benjamin

book: perks of being a wallflower

car, dark, and lights image love, artist, and art image Temporarily removed night, snow, and street image
by stephen chbosky

someone from real life: paul mccartney

Image by Catalina Peña y Lillo Salinas 60s, Paul McCartney, and vintage image the beatles, Paul McCartney, and 60s image sky, aesthetic, and clouds image