Hey guys, what's up? I hope your day is great! So today's article is about how to survive at school. I know that for the most of you the school year has already started but I'll start school on Wednesday so...

I was also thinking that like everybody uses hashtags like back to school or back to class but you know as a student first of all that stresses me and second of all it makes it sound so nice and cute, but not even me ( the nerd) is excited for the new school year. So let's make it realistic use something like back to the field. ( Plus that I can say something like back to the field with myrs).

But let's start...

As someone who was and still is on the top of class I can tell you that: study hard is not an easy thing to do. I know I am not being encouraging right now but I want to be honest. You need to be completely focus and concentrated and spend some time on that.
Although, it has a lot of advantages. Firstly, you' ve got more options about what you are going to do in the future. Secondly, you'll feel a huge satisfaction about your grades. And lastly it's good to study and learning new things.

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How to study:

1. Motivation

It's very important to be motivated if you want to study effectively. For example when I am really unmotivated I am thinking about why it would be useful for me to have good grades. (also I always check WeHeartIt for some motivational quotes)

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I'm an 'always have a plan' person and I can reassure you that it really works. By planning what you have to do not only you save a lot of time but you also have less possibilities about forgeting something important.

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Doing my H/W is obviously something that I am doing every day. Because I don't want to spend the whole day studying I am really focused. I am avoiding to have my phone somewhere near, so not to get distracted and I have a glass of water with me to stay hydrated.

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It's not bad to revising. If you are not sure about something or you think you don't know it that well look it up. Believe me it's better to spend 30 more minutes studying than feeling unsure.

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5. Limits

Know your own limits. Don't push yourself. If you are tired stop. When you are exhausted you do nothing. Take a break, relax for a bit and then go back. You'll see that the things you thought hard are easier when you deal with them with a clear mind.

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So those are my advices. I hope you find the useful and I made your life a little bit easier.

That's for today guys. Have a great week and an even greater school year. Try and everything will work out.