Inspired by:

1. A song that introduced you to kpop

Seventeen, vernon, and s.coups image Seventeen, wonwoo, and mingyu image
Check-in - Seventeen

2. A song from you ult boy group

felix, gif, and jisung image
My pace - Stray Kids

3. A song from your ult girl group

kpop, solar, and mamamoo image kpop, solar, and egotistic image
Egotistic - Mamamoo

4. A song from your favorite male soloist

Image removed crush, kr&b, and shin hyoseob image
Different - Woodz & None - Crush

5. A song from your favorite female soloist

katie kim image
Remember - Katie

6. Your favorite collab song

crush, dean, and zico image kino, mola, and nathan image
Y - Fanxy Child & PUTP - M.O.L.A

7. A title track with a video you love

monsta, minhyuk, and i.m image
Shine Forever - Monsta X

8. Your favorite song right now

gif, x1, and cho seungyoun image
Move - X1

9. A song you like from a group you don't stan

Temporarily removed Image removed
Fever - Gfriend

10. A song that makes you happy

gif, power up, and red velvet image
Power Up - Red Velvet

11. A song that makes you cry

aesthetic, alternative, and kpop image aesthetic, alternative, and kpop image
She's in the rain - The Rose

12. A song you think everyone should listen to

gif, april fools, and jimin park image
April fools - Park Jimin

13. The best debut song

face, gif, and kpop image
Face - Nues't (but there are too many good debut songs)

14. The best song of the year (so far)

korean, kpop, and dojoon image
Face - Kim Woosung, but I have to mention Punchnello's album! It's really good!

15. A song you like with a color in the title

punchnello image
Blue Hawaii - Punchnello ft. Crush and Penomeco

16. A song you like with a number in the title

19, Chan, and felix image
19 - Stray Kids

17. A song that reminds you of summertime

gif, kpop, and bona image
Boogie Up - WJSN

18. A song you never get tired of

june, korean, and kpop image
She's got everything - Jung Jinwoo

19. A song that makes you dance immediately

block b, zico, and p.o image
Her - Block B

20. A song that you recommend

hip, hop, and korean image
Bellboy - GXXD ft. Sik-k & Coogie