From my experience, I'll try to tell you how to make school years more productive in every way (friendship and lessons)

1 Sleep Routine

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Don't sleep at 2 am and wake up at 7 am (like me) Sleep can be a seem as a waste of time but it's not. You need to sleep at least 6 hours for your brain. It needs to take a rest too. I know watching movies at late hours is entertaining but you really shouldn't do that. You can't concentrate enough for rest of the day and you'll get so sleepy next day too. It means you nearly wasted your 2 days for a movie. You can create time and watch that movie, if you can control your time and not waste it for useless trivia.

So you need to sleep for 6 hours at least. And try not to change your sleeping hours so much. That way you can be energetic for whole day !

2 How to Study

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Listen carefully your teachers ! Listening from a teacher won't teach you whole subject of course.But when you come home, if you open your books and read them you'll remember your teachers words.

Of course everybody study different, first you need to find how you understand subject and how you should study. For me, I take notes after listening my teachers and reading the subject at different books. I note most hard parts (for me) then when I struggle with questions I get help from the notes I take. And read that notes every week. This method is the most popular one. And it's not so true but I understand like that. If you can't understand like that I recommend you this videos where you can find how you should study.

3 Don't Try to Be Someone Else

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You like rock music but there's no one else loves that. You love reading books but everyone finds it boring ? Well. screw them ! You don't need to be pretend you like things they like just to be their friend. I know you don't wanna be alone. Especially at the first days of school. But believe me being alone is much way better than pretending someone who is not you. You are you. And you are perfect with your hobbies, fears and words. I tried that too. I afraid that I will be alone for my high school life but pretending kills you inside slowly. You'll find someone just like you. Be strong and be yourself, You'll be happy like that.

4 Girl/Boyfriend Things

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If it's your first year at high school, don't even think about it. High school is the place that people changes most. We all grow up really fast. Not knowing someone truly, or not sure your feelings ? Then don't make choices you're not sure. Don't cry after someone makes you unhappy, don't love someone who doesn't respect you, don't run after someone who doesn't deserve your love. First of all love yourself, don't try to find a boy/girlfriend. Try to find someone who you can laugh with, find someone who doesn't hurt you. After that, if he/she is not your boy/girlfriend it doesn't matter. You'll be happy and that's the only thing matter

5 Don't Stay at Home !

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These years are the years you wish you can live over and over again when you grow up. So you have to make them like that ! You are young, you are energetic you have plenty of time ! 4 big years ! Don't look at only Netflix, hang out with friends, try something new, join clubs, learn something not from school ! Make your days different from each other. And when you get old, you can remember yourself happy. And that'll make you happy. Don't afraid of changes and new things.

These are my tips for high school life. I hope they'll help you in this school year. Don't lose your hope for future ! Be strong! You can do this !