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Welcome to my third and final article of the Fall series. This is about fall fashion and some top fashion trends for 2019. Snap out of summer mode for a brief minute and brush up on the fall fashion for this year!! 🍁🍂

Ladylike Lace

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Fashion houses from Prada to Marc jacobs all incorporated beautiful lacy pieces into their fall runway collections for a bold yet feminine style. Lace adds a dark romanticism vibe to your look!

Dark Florals

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All the flowers of the fantasy world bloom in a darker and more mysterious palette of colors. Darker, moodier florals are more alive than ever for this autumn season.


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London calling! Plaid skirts are timeless, especially for when the weather gets cold! So get yourself some plaid pants, shirts, skirts and coats.


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Leather is in for another season and go black! Leather trench coats are here to impress. (any shiny materials are in!)

Night at the museum

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Designers went back to the drawing board this season to create looks that incorporate the beauty of all you would find in a museum.

Navy Blue

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Key color for this autumn and winter too! Navy is perfect for a bold, classy and stylish look. Cold tones do it this year! (dark purple is a great fashionable option too)

Sweatshirts and Jumpers

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Oversized warm sweaters, sweatshirts and jumpers are perfect for cold winter! They are back for another season of autumn!

Forest Green

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Have you ever imagined what it's like being an elf or a forest fairy? Time to dress like one! Dark forest and emerald green will do it and add some fantasy mood in your outfit.

Smart Suits

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Dress for success! Suits and blazer coats are essential for this fall. They look good and classy with any casual or formal look. Plaid or velvet ones!

Gothic Romance

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Be bold in black, lace and velvet! This trend is all about dark romanticism and as mentioned dark fantasy plays a big role in this year's fall-winter fashion.


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Vintage, daring and chic capes are a fresh trend for this autumn, seen on the runways of Celine, Burberry, and Oscar de la Renta among others.

Statement Sleeves

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Puffy, big and any attention grabbing sleeves in shirts or dresses are a huge thing for the new season.


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You probably already knew that, but chains are a trend not only for fall but the entire year! They can be an accessory for clothes like pants or skirts, but you can also wear them as necklaces.

Socks and Tights

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It's time to show off your legs by wearing some statement socks and tights in bright or intense colors, some made of lace, others with colorful prints or brand logos.

90s Handbags

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Small and classy! These small bags will be making an appearance this fall for a 90s look. As if!

Boots and Cinderella shoes

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Glossy heeled boots or high boots and vintage cinderella shoes make your look mondern and feminine.

That's all! Thanks a lot for reading. I hope you found this article interesting and inspiring enough to get ready for this fall season. ♡