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Hello beauties ! Nice to meet you again.
Today, 9th September 2019, I started my last first day of high school, so that means that I'm a senior ? I live in Romania so I'm not familiar with these high school ranges, but anyway... This is my last year of high school and when I will finish it I will have my late exams. Even if it's just the first week of school and the teachers are not giving homework's yet I still feel the stress that will become bigger and bigger as the months will pass by. I have this stress because I have a big, BIG, problem with History. Don't get me wrong ! I love learning about wars, revolutions and personalities from the past, but not for school. I did great last year at History but my teacher told me that if I will not read my mandatory lectures it would be hard for me to study for exams.
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The History exam is what I'm most afraid of. But I know that I will pass my 12th grade with very good grades like I do every time and my teacher will be indulgent and patient with me to help me understand everything from his classes. I'm also very happy that he decided to make private lessons with me and others from my class. This showed me that he care more about us than the previous generation.
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Anyway, I made a list with every task I NEED to accomplish till the end of the scholar year and exams period
  • read the mandatory lectures for History
  • read the mandatory lectures for native language
  • take school serious
  • being organised and neat (including bedroom, school station)
  • take my small exam sessions with good grades
  • read at least 4 books per month
  • not getting in drama
  • if a teacher thinks I can study for the Olympics or competitions, let them guide me
  • making time for my friends and family
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Letting school apart, and talking about some other things that I think it will happen in my life in the upcoming future.
In my city, every last weekend of September, there's a festival called Chestnuts. Last year I stayed home because I was very ill. I have not regret it because a friend of mine told me that it was the most awful session of the festival. I was disappointed for a long time for that. I hope that this year I can go.
Chestnuts is a fall festival which brings a very big amusement park and stalls around the center of the city. The stalls are so versatile. They are selling almost everything, from clothes to autumn decorations, and from food to toys for children. I really want to buy something new this year. And, of course, the concerts !
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I'm very excited for this fall, even if it's school, I think that I could spend more time outside and enjoying the nature and the breezes. Even if I'm stressed for my exams I think I could make something new that my stress will relieve from my head, and running will be a thing.
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Ok, the fall festival is something, but let's talk about this Christmas. This year I want to make something new. I don't want to stay locked in my apartment anymore during winter.
This winter break I will go out with some friends at ice skating, snowball fights and so on. Most of the time, during winter, I stay at home, watching TV shows and reading books, but this time will be different. I hope so.
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You know I love writing articles, and I'm not doing for the writer badge, but for myself, my passion. It will be hard to write 3 articles per week, so there will be just one, maybe sometimes, if I'm lucky, two. I don't want to give up with We Heart It, so I will post at least 1 article per week.
When it comes to posting photos I will try to post something every day. If not, at least 3 days per week with new posts from me.
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When it comes to social life, I have a list with plenty of activities I would like to do for myself, like :
  • recreating photos
  • taking baths without thinking of tomorrow
  • making face masks
  • sleeping
  • listening to music
  • taking walks in the woods
  • staying with family / friends
  • spending time with my pet
  • running / workout
  • reading books for myself
  • painting, drawing, writing
  • watching TV shows, documentaries, movies
  • etc.
See, things I love to do with my spare time. I recommend to you all to take a day of the week and transforming in your "birthday" to make you feel relaxed.
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I think this is all for today. These are my plans for the upcoming future. Thank you for stopping by ! Have a nice Monday !
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