Hi everyone out there! How are you doing?

As you could tell looking through my profile I love Autumn and all the spooky, cozy and colourful vibe that surrounds the season, so, when I found out this tag going viral I couldn't resist doing it.

btw, these are the articles where I selected the questions :)

1. Tea or coffee?

autumn, tea, and book image coffee, cup, and indie image
TEA, of course.

2. Turtleneck or scarf?

fashion, style, and white image girl image
It depends on the day but I think I usually prefer fluffy scarfs.

3. Stay at home or going out?

coffee, autumn, and book image style, fashion, and accessories image
I love going out, but when It's foggy and cold outside everything gets better with a good film.

4. Reading books or watching movies?

fall, autumn aesthetic, and autumn image autumn, harry potter, and fall image
Both of them!!

5. Neutral or colourful clothing?

brown, snake, and gucci image

6. Pumpkin carving or apple picking?

autumn, pumpkin, and fall image apple, autumn, and FRUiTS image
Apple picking.

7. "Cool and crisp" or "warm and foggy"?

book, cozy, and coffee image autumn, fall, and cozy image
Warm and foggyyy.

8. Yankee candles or fireplaces?

autumn, fall, and candle image winter, fire, and fireplace image
Yankee candles (or candles in general).

9. Red or gold?

flowers, sunflower, and yellow image autumn image
Always red. Burning red.

10. Wool socks or slippers?

autumn, fall, and coffee image autumn, coffee, and fall image
Wool socks.

I hope you liked.

Live, love and lose,


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