Hello every human (or other specie) reading this!

Have you heard our planet is in distress? You might have. Some of us are discouraged to change their habits because "one person won't change anything", or "it's too difficult", or "I don't see the point", etc. But just like one drop of water don't give life back to a garden, a multiple drops of water create rain, that actually brings the garden back to life!!

I won't discuss the point that saying our planet is in serious distress is a scam or a manipulation to make us vote for the ecologist politics… Because it's obviously not and we are currently paying the price yet…

So, here is what you can do, and that I am doing, to help our Mama Earth a bit. Because Earth does not belong to us, we belong to Earth, and she can make everything she wants of us… So we better respect and help her through these difficult times...

1. Period (if you have periods)

Cups are beginning to be well known. It acts like a tampon but collects your fluid instead of absorbing it. It's very useful, zero waste and it helps familiarizes you with your own divine fluid. You can even go to the swimming pool or to the beach with it! However, it needs some time to learn how to put it correctly, needs to be changed quite often to avoid toxic shock and needs to be emptied in a toilet where there is a washbasin. Personally, I own one, but I haven't been able to put it in my vagina yet....

Cloth pads
Cloth pads are exactly like regular pads, but they are washable! They exist in different sizes, for heavy fluid, medium fluid, light fluid, or even as pantyliner. They also exist in different shapes to suit your panties perfectly. And I love the multitude of different amazing patterns!
I own some in different sizes and they are my favourite at the moment!! I own about 12 of them, in different sizes, and I'm using like 2 a day during my period (I have pretty long periods, that's why I own so much of them). I handwash them everyday of my period before putting them in the washing machine and it's perfectly fine with me.
These also exists for babies! If you have a baby, you can use cloth diapers that you can wash and reuse!

Cotton tampons
If you don't like any of the above alternatives, organic cotton tampons exist. They obviously are less harmful to the flora of your vagina and also pollute less when discarded because they don't contain chemicals.

Period underwear
The newest discovery! It sounds amazing! It's like wearing your regular panty, and that's it! These panties collect your fluid and you only have to watch them every few hours! It sounds super useful for nights when you have a heavy fluid!

Reusable cotton rounds
You can use some cloth cotton rounds to remove your make-up! They are as effective as traditional ones but they don't go in the bin! You can wash them and reuse them as many times as you want!

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2. Shower, shampoo and conditioner

Solid soap
Yeah! Everybody was formerly using solid soap… Why did we give that up? It's so useful and doesn't produce any waste! You put the soap all over your body, then rub gently with a wet washcloth and it's done!

Solid shampoo and conditionner
Same with shampoos! You can find more and more solid shampoos and conditionner at the store! Even natural and organic ones! You rub them on your wet hair, then rub with your hands, then rinse out, and it's done!

Home made soap, shampoo and conditioner
You can even make those at home! If you have some time, you can find some interesting and easy recipes on the internet that you can do all by yourself! You can find solid soap, solid shampoo and conditionner, or even liquid shampoo if you prefer!

Bulk liquid shampoo
If you don't have the time to make them yourself, and prefer liquid shampoo over the solid version, you can probably find a bulk shop where they sell liquid shampoo if you bring your own container! It's very useful!

Sun screen
Now that we are talking about skin and everything, it exists some sunscreens that are organic and safe for the reefs! Normal sunscreens release chemical compounds into the water that are absorbed by the corals. These chemicals disturb the growth cycle and the reproduction of the corals, leading them to bleach. Please think about this alternative when you are going to the beach or if you live in a very sunny country! We need corals to live, even if they are hidden beneath the surface!

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3. Toothbrush and toothpaste

Bamboo toothbrush
Bamboo toothbrushes are mostly organic and super useful! They can be used just as regular toothbrushes, except that they can be put in a compost to crumble when they are too damaged! And I think they look so cute!

Electric toothbrush
You probably know this one! It's less eco-friendly than the bamboo one, because they need electricity to function. But why a full charge, you can wash your teeth during some weeks without any problem! They need energy, but not very often.

Powder or smooth toothpaste
Some shops sell powder or more creamy organic toothpaste, sold in glass container so you can reuse them after. I'm currently using powder toothpaste, it's strange at the beginning because it doesn't lather like regular toothpaste, but I got used to it fast! Now the foaming toothpaste even annoys me...

Home made toothpaste
On the internet, you can find some toothpaste recipes to make them by yourself so you don't have to buy any new container and you exactly know what you put into your mouth!

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4. Water bottles

Stainless steel bottles
They are no longer presented: the reusable bottles! But as I still see as many people using plastic bottles, I feel the need to mention them. I love them! They are so much prettier than the plastic ones! You can choose your favourite colour, favourite pattern, and the water doesn't tastes like plastic anymore!!!

Glass bottles
I mention glass bottles because I highly prefer them to stainless steel bottles… But, sometimes and can't bring them with me (for example in Disneyland, the glass is forbidden…), so I need an alternative. But if I had to choose, glass bottles are perfect! The water inside hasn't any taste and I can see where the water level is so I know exactly when I'll soon need to refill my bottle. You can protect your bottle in a padded case to prevent your it to break apart and lose water inside your bag.

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5. Cutlery and cups from home

Glass cups
These are really useful if you like to buy a coffee to-go or a smoothie… Ask the waiter to put your drink in your own cup so you don't have to buy a plastic one! Don't forget to choose a cup that has a cover plate, so you can close it up before putting it in your bag when your drink is finished.

Stainless steel cutlery
We never think about these! But it's pretty useful to have your own cutlery if you need to buy something to eat, like a salad or something, so you don't have to buy plastic/single use cutely… After that, you can rinse them or bring them home and wash them!

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6. Straws

Stainless steel straws
To go with your own cup, you can bring your own stainless steel straw! Pretty useful if you like to drink this way or if you are sitting in a café or a restaurant. Just ask the waiter·ress to not have a plastic straw with your drink because you brought your own.

Bamboo straws
Alternative to stainless steel straws, they do the same job. Except that, if you are drinking a hot drink, they become way more hot than stainless steel straws, because wood is less heat conductor than stainless steel.

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7. Shopping bags

Cloth bags
If you go shopping for clothes, or books, or whatever you need, you can bring a cloth bag! It's easy to fold it inside your regular bag, so you can take it out at any time if needed! I always have one in my bag, because it's always when I need it, that I don't have it...

Net bags
Useful when you go shopping for fruit or veggies! Instead of putting them in plastic satchels, you can bring your own net bags to put them in! It's them same, and they can be reused as many times as you want!

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8. Two Uses water

Dishwashing water
At home, we do the dishes in a basin in the sink. This way, we can retrieve the basin when full and flush it when you have been to the toilet! So, this water is used twice and we can save a lot of flushing water!

Shower water
On the same principle, we placed two buckets in our shower. When we take a shower, we wait for the water to heat up by placing the shower head over the bucket to collect the cold water. A full bucket can then be used to flush one or two toilets!
It also exists shower heads that save water!

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9. Meals

Go vegan
Here we are, talking about extremist food… But if you learn a bit more about veganism, you'll find out that it's way less restrictive that you can imagine. Going vegan is opening yourself to new possibilities, new foods, knowledge about nutrition, and much more! You can help prevent deforestation, save animals, save water, save land, save others and yourself… I am talking directly about veganism and not about reducing your meat consumption because not everyone is reducing the meat consumption, human is egocentric and stubborn… But you need to know that, each year, 65 billion innocent animals are killed (nearly 2,000 animals per second) to finish on our plates. That's as many as the estimated number of humans who died during the Second World War... but in 5 years time…
Global meat production has quadrupled in the last 50 years, from 75 million tonnes to more than 300 million tonnes, which isn't possible to continue to feed the population and to save the world at the same time... To counterbalance our impact on this planet, those who can do it just have to stop consuming animal products... As soon as possible!
I'll not extend myself about it in this article, but if you are interested about learning a bit more about veganism and how it can help, you can go check on:

Buy organic
Pesticides are not only bad for your health… They are disastrous for the fauna and flora… They kill plants, bugs and, therefore, birds that eat these bugs… They kill bees but so many others insects that are essential to the living of so many creatures and plants on this planet… Buying organic food help reduce this disaster by using less agressive products or not using products anymore, which helps nature so much.
You can also help insects by not killing them when they enter your house, but by capturing them in a jar, putting a piece of paper to close the jar and releasing it outside!

Buy local
I probably don't teach you that supermarket food sometimes comes from very far away and has required countless hours of transportation, by boat, plane or truck... Now think of all those supermarkets around the world that demand imported products... This system contributes massively to pollution... You can make an effort by buying food produced in your region or country. In addition, it helps local producers! And by buying local, I also mean boycotting palm oil that destroys orangutan colonies and forests. You can also boycott Coca-Cola which forces people from whom it draws water to drink their coke as water is polluted by the production...

Eat home-grown
To avoid as much freight and pesticide transport as possible, you can grow your food at home. You can have your own juicy fruits and amazing veggies! If you have a garden, you can use it wonderfully so that it can give you food all year round! You can also create a compost where you can throw the peels and leftovers of your meals! If you don't have one, it's possible to grow food inside or on your balcony! Some associations also provide community gardens! You can find out what can be done in your neighbourhood. To help bees and pollinators, you can even plant some beautiful flowers to attract them!

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10. Transports

Bikes are so useful for going to a nearby place in your town! It also makes you exercised and allows you to take a deep breath of fresh air! And it's pollution free!

If the place you need to go to is too far from you, you can take the bus or the subway! It's polluting but you take it with some other people, which means that you all together save pollution for every single person who is in the bus, to make the exact same journey.

To travel even further, you can take the train! It's super fast and comfortable! For long journeys, you can even take your laptop to work or write, bring a book to read or a board game to play with your friends. Time passes relatively quickly!

When there are no other options, when bus lines do not go where you want to go, you can think about carpooling! You can ask your acquaintances to pick you up, you can pick up a colleague at his place or you can even meet new people going to the same place as you! All this while saving the pollution of one or even several cars!

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11. Avoid overconsumption

Do everything you can to reuse everything! When shopping for new products, always ask yourself if you can reuse it or if it's made for single use… Always prefers alternatives to single use and buy products that can be reused several times or infinitely! Also avoid food waste and recook the leftovers to create new amazing food without throwing anything that is still good for your body! You can also take a look at your clothes and see if you wear them all... You can then keep those you actually wear often, and offer those you don't need anymore.

Fix things instead of replacing them! You can repair you favourite clothes, repair your machines, phone, laptop and household appliances! Always ask yourself if what just broke is repairable. If not, ask yourself if you actually need to buy a new one or if you can do otherwise with something you already own.

If something just broke, recycle as much of it as you can! If you can't repair this shirt that just ripped, ask yourself if you can't make something new out of it, like a sleeveless shirt, a skirt, a stevedore, a tote bag, a hair accessory... To help nature, you can also collect garbage left on the ground and throw it in the bin to get them recycled.

Shop ethically or second-hand
If you absolutely need to buy something new, you can favour local stores and ethical, vegan and cruelty free clothing, footwear, bags and leather goods chains! A lot of chains now offer some vegan leather alternatives that are good to support if you need to buy a new bag or a new pair of shoes! Also favour high quality items made to last, products without a lot of packaging and second-hand things that can be reused!

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Thank you so much for reading! I hope it helped showing you that changing our habits is not so difficult after all... And it's all benefits for nature, animals, humans and Mama Earth!! If you have questions, please feel free to contact me! I would be very happy to talk with you!

Radiating Love!

- Allie ♡