He was infatuated with the likes of her. Her long - curly flowing hair that was often slightly distressed due to her always running late in the mornings, her bright eyes that never dulled and her perfect smile that she had grown up to hate. He adored every part of her but she had always failed to see it.

He treated her with the at most respect, and she deserved it. She was someone that brightened his day no matter what, she would never fail to brighten anyone's day. She had that energy, she radiated warmth and happiness always and it was infectious to all those around her but once again, she failed to see it.
The moment he met her he knew she was something different. He was drawn to her looks, what man wasn't? But there was something else about her that peaked his curiosity and despite her quiet and innocent nature he was able to release the little fire inside of her. He smiled when he realised she was opinionated, very much stuck in her ways - stubborn. It added to her character and it was something else he grew to adore. They would argue, or have polite disagreements as she would say. And in all honesty, he understood and agreed with every word she was saying but she was so passionate that he got a kick out of riling her up and his smirk would often give him away resulting in her beautiful eyes giving him 'that glare' and a chuckle from his lips.

He had always been someone that could admire a females beauty - her physical beauty, and that was all that would spark his interest. He had never found a deep connection and instead thought that he would live his life enjoying other females company for as long as they would let him. Until he met her. She sent his head into a spiral and although he was a gentle giant around her, his protective nature wouldn't allow anyone else to hurt her. Seeing her upset was rare but his heart never failed to sink when he saw it, the tears running down her cheeks made him crazy. He was split into two minds, comforting her or let his anger get the best of him and teach a lesson to anyone that hurt her. She wouldn't allow that though, she didn't like his anger and rage even if it was his instincts to protect her.

She knew he had a soft spot for her and she most definitely had one for him but she couldn't trust him. That's what broke him. She would notice his eyes wandering to other women, comments he would make about their bodies got to her, she was jealous but with no reason to be. He could admit other women were beautiful, but they weren't her. He would never want to hurt her and she still was the most beautiful person he had ever seen as well as her beautiful heart. She was everything to him but both were too scared to make that jump, they lived for each others company, but they would never be able to truly have one another.

So, they kept their distance. They knew what was there but it was a risk, a risk they weren't willing to take. Not yet.

Hello! So this was just a little something I put together, I always have ideas for stories but don't have enough imagination to complete them but I think some are worth sharing so I'll post them here just to express the stories that never came to be.