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What are the things your character dislikes the most?

1. Insects

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Let me just put butterfly pictures here because for me insects are a NO NO too

The things that Kailani hates the most in the world are insects, especially cockroach. They're just capital EW! Kailani hates all kinds of insects, in every stage of their metamorphosis, except maybe for ants and butterflies. Even thinking about them gives her chills. But cockroaches are just on another level, particularly the flying ones.

2. Liar

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Another thing that Kailani really dislikes that it can't be tolerated is a liar, and a bad one at that. In fact, Kailani is a really good liar. She often lies or hides the truth from people mostly when she thinks they don't need to know about it, and they would actually believe her. There are only a few people who could tell when she's lying. Seriously, Kailani will be an Oscar-winning actress if she ever wants to pursue that career. But she hates being lied to (kinda selfish maybe, but who doesn't?). When she noticed that she was being lied to, she'd take everything that came out of that person's mouth as a lie. And because she's such a good liar, she hates it the most when people are lying and being so obvious about it. She thinks that if someone has the courage to lie, at least try to be smart and consistent about what they are saying. She hates them as much as she hates a know-it-all.

3. Darkness

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Kailani hates being in complete darkness, always makes it hard for her to breathe. That's why she preferred spacious rooms with large windows and bright lighting. It's okay if it's outside though, because being in a dark room makes her feel like she was trapped inside.

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