Friday, 6 September 2019

People are bad. I don’t know how will people like you and I be going to survive in this cruel world?
5:40 PM

There are so many who just want to point out things. Why can’t they let me live the whatever way I want?
5:41 PM

When I am not interfering in there lives so why are they so interested in mine?
5:41 PM

I wish you were here somewhere
5:42 PM

I think sometimes that I am wrong somewhere
5:43 PM

I wish I could just skip all this bullshit and leave all these people behind
5:44 PM

It’s true. The book is a heartbeat. I have to stop after reading two pages because it’s so hard to control my fast beat heart.
10:06 PM

Little things in the book are making me feel all the emotions
10:07 PM

It’s beautiful. You should give it a try
10:08 PM

Ko ko bop
10:10 PM

Do déjà Vu happens with you as well
10:50 PM

11:49 PM

Just tell me
how can we make it work
Baby if I found away
Just give me a chance to say
11:57 PM

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