Wednesday, 4 September 2019

My sister in laws birthday is on 20th
2:41 AM

Mom’s blood pressure was high in the middle of the night
1:02 PM

We had to rush to the doctor at 4 in the morning
1:15 PM

But everything was fine.
1:15 PM

Grandpa is taking lots of tension because dad is not even at home and he’s the only elder though my brother is with us
1:16 PM

We haven’t told anything to dad because he’ll stress out not focus on work. We thought it would be better if don’t tell him and anyways mom is perfectly fine
1:17 PM

I remembered you because you’re living so far from your parents. I mean how do feel when one of your parents is sick and you can’t visit them due to work
1:19 PM

Have a great day
1:19 PM

1:23 PM

I just finished reading one of your fanfic and it was amazing.
9:45 PM

The best line from the whole was “I can love even when you don’t want to love yourself”
9:45 PM

Now I am going to read a new book “Eleanor and Park”. Sum told me it’s too good that she had to close the book and keep aside just to breathe and handle the situation”
9:47 PM

I can’t wait to read it
9:47 PM

Life is beautiful
11:26 PM

11:27 PM

Sleep tight strawberry head
11:27 PM

Honey dreams
11:17 PM

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