Monday, 2 September 2019

I am sick, but not seriously sick. Womanly sick.
11:40 AM

Due to which my hormones are going crazy and I feel a bit low.
11:41 AM

It happens during this time. Sometimes I am too happy and extremely sad without a reason.
11:43 AM

I missed my article deadline today
4:57 PM

I was reading one story on wattpad and I thought it was Chanyeol’s fanfic, but no it was taehyung’s.
3:11 PM

I don’t why, but I love reading his fanfic.
3:11 PM

People say you are rude, but they don’t know they are the reason you are the way you are right now
3:13 PM

I mean there has been a time when you wanted space but they always keep mending in your business.
3:14 PM

So pretty obvious you have to draw the line sometimes.
3:15 PM

Sometimes you avoid things just not to get hurt
3:16 PM

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