Friday, 30 August 2019

I don’t feel happy from inside
1:56 PM

I don’t know what's wrong with me
1:56 PM

I am depressed I guess
1:56 PM

But why?
1:56 PM

My sister could sense something is wrong with me
1:57 PM

I wonder if we ever think of each other at the same time
3:39 PM

We look at each other a little too long to be just friends. Don’t you think?
3:44 PM

Fans are crazy. They even notice Jongdae wearing his t-shirt the other way around.
6:45 PM

Who’s gonna tell him?
6:45 PM

You deserve a life full of happiness and positivity.
8:22 PM

Focus on the good
8:22 PM

I burned myself while making popcorns today, no need to worry I put the cream. It won’t leave a scar.
9:02 PM

But what about my burning heart. Huh?
9:03 PM

The only person I wanted for myself is in love with someone else
9:03 PM

Whenever I cry in the bathroom I never look myself in the mirror because I don’t want to see the pain in my eyes
9:04 PM

Why am I missing him when he was never mine from the start?
9:05 PM

Why don’t I have a happy end just like others? What did I do not to deserve the happiness?
9:06 PM

Why don’t I have a happy ending? Why do I have to wait for the things when others never had to?
9:07 PM

I am jealous. I am jealous of a smile on their faces.
9:07 PM

I want someone to love me dearly
9:11 PM

You won’t understand. You never did. You will never hear my broken heart screaming
9:12 PM

Does it happen to you as well when you’re going through something and suddenly you read some quotes and it feels like GOD is letting you know that you’re not alone because it happened to me right now?
11:54 PM

11:54 PM

My eyes are burning
11:54 PM

We don’t talk anymore
Like we use to do
11:56 PM

We don’t laugh anymore
11:56 PM

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