I am very excited about the content of this article, my affirmations. Reading affirmations every day has helped me change old patterns and perspectives and I sincerely hope it has the same effect on you. These are mine, you can use them as they are or you can be inspired to create yours.

Feel free and enjoy ♥.

♥ The love of my heart completely floods my body

♥ Radiates love and joy for every pore of my skin

♥ I listen to my emotions, feelings and thoughts and I am kind to myself

♥ I am in the process of eliminating old negative patterns

♥ I forgive myself for not being a perfect person; I free myself with love

♥ I abandon fear and doubt; life becomes cheerful and simple

♥ I release with love all the people of my past who have hurt me

♥ I create a happy and carefree world for me

♥ Every day is a new beginning. I choose to make this a wonderful day

♥ I consciously create positive changes in my life

♥ I am exactly where I have to be

♥ I release all the negativity of my body and my mind

♥ I accept myself as I am

♥ I inhale confidence; I exhale doubts

♥ I listen to what my body and mind need and pay attention every day

♥ I enjoy the present, I appreciate the past and I fully trust the future

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