Hello! I didn' have enough time to write in the previous days so I will upload as many as I can today. I'm going to write about a mythical creature according to @brownhaireddreamer 's challenge:

I suggest doing this challenge because it willl help you boost your creativity and imagination and it's also better than scrolling all day on instagram or youtube.
Day twelve
Is your character in a relationship? If yes, describe the personality, birth date and appearance of his/her.

Well, Selene has a thing for Goga, but she tries to fight her feelings. She sees that Goga isn't the bad boy that he tries to show to the world, but he is a fragile creature. Goga was born on November 17th 2004, he is Russian and he is part of a group that Selene has had trouble with. Goga wants to be loved but he doesn't reveal his feelings because he believes that no one will forgive him after everything he has done. Selene however was the first person he opened up to and came close to. After their conversation Selene started having feelings for him too, but she doesn't want to be in love, because it makes her feel weak. They are talking on the phone every day and they became "close friends", but they keep it a secret, probably because they are afraid of the reaction of their friends. They often meet at Selene's house where they watch the stars, listen to songs and share feelings and experiences.

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Thank you for reading my article! To understand the story better you should check out the previous article and maybe the whole collection of this challenge.