Hello everyone! :-) Fall is almost here and I saw so many articels with this topic which made me start thinking about how to write an article about autumn but in some another way? I really love autumn because of colours, cozy clothes and colder weather so I really wanted to write article about this season. So I decided to describe this lovely season in my home country. In Slovakia we have some things in common with the others but some of them you maybe will don't know. Let's get started and I hope you will like it! :-)

1. Collecting chestnuts

autumn, girl, and fall image
In this season you can see a lot of kids on their way home from school how they are looking for chestnuts under the trees. If they have enough of them then they are making some animals or some another figures. It's great time for them which they can spend with their parents who are helping them with this. We used to do it with my parents too and I loved that. Some of them are also eating chestnuts but of course after some preparation.

2. All Saint's day

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In these days (1. and 2. of November) people are reminiscing their relatives who passed away. They are lighting candles then putting them on their graves and after that they are praying. In the evening you can see all cementeries with the lights and it looks really beautiful. It's like at least in these two days these people are alive again.

3. Fruit picking

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Very typical for autumn. Remember the more apples you gather the more pies you can eat.

4. Hiking

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People here love nature and actually we are travelling to the mountains whole year but autumn is speaciall because it's already not that hot and also not too cold and everything is covered with beautiful colours. I think the nature is showing us the most beautiful version of herself.

5. Picking mushrooms

autumn, colors, and fall image
I know we are picking all the time something but by picking mushrooms you can spend some time walking in forest and enjoying silence. But you have to be really patient when you want to find something beacuse sometimes can happen that you will find nothing and you will have feeling like it's wasting of time but remember being in nature is never useless. But it's fun when we always make competition who will find more (and I lose all the time haha).

6. Theather

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During summer there is a break in theaters beacuse not only students but also actors have holidays. With school starts also theater season and after all this summer festivals with loud music and camping there is time for some this kind of cultural experience. I personally have already bought two tickets to the teather and I can't wait to go there.

Of course besides these things we do much more like preparing wood for winter, raking leaves or make campfires. For me autumn is the lovliest season of the year. I really hope you enjoyed this article because I did by writing it and I hope you will read some another one from me. Thank you for reading and see you next time! :-)