bitch, car, and red image aesthetic, badass, and dress image
"hi, i'm cheryl blossom aka cheryl bombshell"
red, fire, and lips image aesthetic, tv, and riverdale image
"i'm in the mood for chaos"
cheerleader and skirt image riverdale, veronica lodge, and cheryl blossom image
"gather in, vixens"
riverdale, madelaine petsch, and cheryl blossom image Image removed
"the answer is a double cherry on top no"
riverdale, vanessa morgan, and choni image aesthetic, bi, and girls image
"you're sensational"
riverdale, cheryl blossom, and madelaine petsch image Image by S
"you can't discrimate against someone because they're better looking than you"
kiss, lips, and red image beautiful, celebrities, and gif image
"did you really think you could have a party without inviting moi?"
riverdale, cheryl blossom, and madelaine petsch image red image
"nothing is off the table... except my body"
match, red, and fire image fire, gif, and ginger image
"this school's gonna burn"
riverdale, cheryl blossom, and icons image gloves, aesthetic, and white image
"are you scared, jason?"