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the basics

• name: William Jefferson Sbaker
• nickname: Will - Jeff
• birthday: February, 9th.
• nationality: British

boy, boys, and green eyes image hair, aesthetic, and tumblr image Image removed Marvel, sebastian stan, and winter soldier image
green eyes, white skin, black hair, sometimes he lets grow his hair.
black, boy, and leather image boy, suit, and aesthetic image evan peters, ahs, and american horror story image boy, fashion, and outfit image
he loves black clothes so much, and also the formal suits.
red, quotes, and school image reminder, school, and aesthetic image paranoia, quotes, and spongebob image that 70s show, funny, and quotes image quotes, the oc, and seth cohen image Temporarily removed
he is so sarcastic, a totally drama queen, with his friends only. He had good notes, but not to be nerdy, he began to disapprove. He´s so tired about school stress.
zodiac sign
Image removed stars image Temporarily removed gold, zodiac, and astrology image
aquarius. he thinks his sign is the best
guitar, music, and rock image art, boy, and grunge image actor, behind the scenes, and boy image aesthetic, dark, and gryffindor image
music and guitars, art, acting and writing.
alone, bed, and boy image black, control, and quote image Image by ᴍ ᴀ ʀ ᴄ ƴ ♪ hands, aesthetic, and boy image
he is studying a career he doesn't like, he thinks he was born to be something else. He likes fights, and usually gets into them very often. He is very stressed by this.
plans for the future?:
quotes, polaroid, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed tattoo, boy, and ocean image Temporarily removed
not as many as he would like. Have time for himself, get many tattoos and study what he really wants.
aesthetic, black, and dark image ghost, funny, and stupid image Avengers, black widow, and captain america image black, aesthetic, and dark image
he likes architecture, go to fast food restaurants, do crazy things with his friends and watch superhero movies.
fuck, funny, and haha image quotes, grunge, and life image aesthetic image people, grunge, and aesthetic image
the school, too positive people and stupid people, that everything revolves around money.
instagram feed
Guns N Roses, music, and rock image Temporarily removed rebel, the simpsons, and simpsons image alternative, grunge, and pale image dark, road, and grunge image Temporarily removed
aesthetic style

• sinners - Barns Courtney
• the mystic - Adam Jensen
• the nights - Avicii
• alive - One Direction
• miss you - Louis Tomlinson
• kill my mind - Louis Tomlinson
• run boy run - Woodkid
• radioactive - Imagine Dragons
• november rain - Guns n' Roses
• Start again - OneRepublic feat logic
• glitter and gold - Barns Courtney
• the hunter - Adam Jensen
• i'm a wanted man - Royal Deluxe
• the night we met - lord hurom

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