Are you going to learn Greek, Latin or French?
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Probably Latin
Will you drink Coffee or Tea as you read through old books?
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Definitely coffee. Tea is reserved for late night study sessions.
Running through the dark, mysterious forests behind the school at night or early morning walks around the school?
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There is something magical to me about the early morning, especially in cool places.
Will you read Kill Your Darlings or The Picture of Dorian Gray?
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I am more likely to read The Picture of Dorian Gray.
Will you read The Secret History or Dead Poets Society?
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Definitely The Secret History. It sounds so good!
All girls school, all boys school, or everyone?
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Everyone! It seems like a co-ed school would breed a fair bit of dark academia drama.
Will you tell your friends about Oscar Wilde or Edgar Allen Poe?
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Oscar Wilde
Would you tell the rough truth or sweet lies about what happened last weekend?
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I suppose I'd have to tell sweet lies, considering my username. :)
Would you prefer the sound of a crowded library (flipping pages, talking, etc.) or your dormitory at night (snoring, whispers, rain against the window)?
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I would prefer the sounds of my dorm. Something about it just feels safe.
Running in the rain or laying in the grass during the summer?
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Laying in the grass with the sun beating down on me sounds wonderful.
At night when asked for a scary story will you tell an urban legend or tell of a true crime?
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To be perfectly honest, I'd probably leave if someone started telling scary stories. If I really have to choose I would probably tell a true crime story.
Will your radio play classical or jazz?
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I would probably play jazz, though I do love a good classical piece.
Will you take history or English class?
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I'm going to cheat and say historical fiction. Why not both? ;)