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01. Tea or Coffee?

aesthetic, autumn, and blue image disney, Halloween, and iced coffee image

02. Apple or Pumpkin Pie?

apple, autumn, and coffee image Image removed

03. Baking or Hiking

baking, Cinnamon, and cupcake image autumn, fall, and coffee image

04. Sunny or Rainy?

autumn, fall, and book image rain, fashion, and umbrella image

05. Stay Home or Go Out?

autumn, fall, and harry potter image autumn, book, and candle image
Stay Home

06. Cinnamon Roll or Caramel Apple?

food, tea, and sweet image cinnamon rolls, food, and desserts image
Cinnamon Roll

07. Village or City?

Image removed Temporarily removed

08. Read a Book or Watch Netflix?

autumn, fall, and pumpkin image book, autumn, and fall image
Both. I can't choose!

09. Cookies or Pie?

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