One of the many good factors of having a big platform is having your voice heard when discussing about serious topic that humans face on a daily basis and Melanie Martinez is no stranger to this. Despite only having two albums out, Melanie Martinez has a huge fan base, she has 6.1 million followers on Instagram and 1 million followers on Twitter because of her being a huge influencer and the power she holds, Melanie discusses serious topic like sexism, eating disorder, sexual harassment through her songs and even music video. However there are people who believe that Melanie is exploiting the serious topic because she may or may not through the trauma or her music videos which have a lot of kindergarten themes in it, some may argue that it’s “sexualising” or even glorifying the topic that Melanie is discussing about in the song. However I believe that Melanie’s vision of Crybaby and using this type of art is actually genius when you look deeper.

Like I said before, Melanie’s songs and music videos have a kindergarten theme to it like using nursery rhymes, games you played when you were younger and many more. These things are something that children love to either sing or even play despite not knowing that there’s a dark origin behind any nursery rhymes you’ve heard. Ring around the Rosie is about the Great Plague that spread in London in 1665, Jack and Jill is about King Louis XVI And Marie Antoinette whom were beheaded during the reign of terror in 1793 and Mary, Marty quite contrary is about Mary I of England aka Bloody Mary. So, when researching about how many nursery rhymes have a dark origin behind it, it makes sense for Melanie Martinez to put childlike things through her art when discussing serious issues that needs to be talk about and we can even hear the meaning as well. Strawberry short cake is about sexually harassment and victim blaming to girls. In the song Melanie sings about how girl are taught to be pure and not show any skin, but nobody taught boys to keep their hands to themselves and when they sexually assault the girl, it’s the girl’s fault because of what she was wearing, during the chorus she says:

“It’s my fault, it’s my fault
‘Cause, I put icing on top
Now, the boys want a taste of this strawberry shortcake
That’s my bad, that’s my bad
No one taught them not to grab
Now, the boys want a taste of this strawberry shortcake”

Mrs Potato head is about the expectations of beauty and what society thinks it’s pretty. They encourage you to get plastic surgery if you want to look more like the models in magazines and on Instagram. Mrs Potato head is a toy that has been invented to let kids change her appearance when playing her.

“Kids forever, kids forever
Baby soft skin turns into leather
Don’t be dramatic, it’s only some plastic
No one would love you, if you’re unattractive.”

For her second album, Melanie written, directed and starred in a film for the album. Each songs discusses things that kids are probably going through and there even serious topic that are discuss in the film as well. A black kid doesn’t stand up for pledge of allegiance and even says that the whole justice and liberty for all is bullshit, a transgender woman is fired because the principal believes she’s exploiting the kids despite the teacher saying that the kids connect with her meaning they don’t mind she’s transgender. There’s also a scene that brings up about sexism that talks about a woman can’t do a men’s job aka “being the president of the United States” because woman are too sensitive and emotional despite in many cases, men are the ones who can’t keep their emotions while women can because they been dealing with this shit for years.

1. Wheels on the bus (inappropriate behaviour I.e smoking weed, having sex in the public eye)
2. Class Fight (bullying)
3. The principal (world leaders not listening to their people and things go horrible for their own country)
4. Show and tell (exploitation for money and power to the point where you feel like a puppet/product to society)
5. Nurse’s office
6. Drama Club (having to play a character that you even can’t be you because people start judging)
7. Strawberry shortcake (double standards, sexual harassment and victim blaming)
8. Lunchbox friends (having fake friends who will only hang out with you because it probably benefits them even though you would rather have real friends)
9. Orange juice (eating disorder and bulimia)
10. Detention (similar to show and tell & drama club)
11. Teachers pet (naivety, a forbidden relationship, being taking advantage of by an older person)
12. High school sweethearts
13. Recess (mental health)

So I think that you look deeper on why Melanie tends to use kindergarten feature not only because cry baby is a child experiencing adult things that she has says but because many of the song titles is about something that can be discuss through the serious topics like mental health, rape culture and sexism.