Hello, hearters! A group of us on the writer's team have compiled a list of ten tips and tricks to help you write awesome articles.

  • Write with purpose and passion.
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Find what you’re passionate about and go for it, don’t hold yourself back. Writing opens up the voice inside you that sometimes can’t be expressed in any other form. Write from the heart and everything will fall into place. Find your calling and go for it, whether it be poems, short story, inspirational pieces, whatever comes to your mind, write it! If you believe passionately in what you write, readers will believe in it too. It all starts with you!
It’s okay to bounce around, you don’t need to stick to one genre of writing; there’s no need to limit yourself with your passions and purposes of writing.

  • Don’t be discouraged, writing is your own form of art.
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A lot of the time when it comes to writing, we compare ourselves to others, we confine ourselves to the walls’ of others and forget that what we create, is our form of art. There is no right or wrong way to write, there is no wrong or right thing to write about, everything is up to you, the writer. Nicholas Sparks didn't become a New York bestseller by worrying whether he was writing the _ 'right thing,'_ no, he writes his stories with every ounce of his heart and his books now line every library and bookstore. There are going to be days where you will compare your work to the works of others, and you may find yourself discouraged with your spilt ink. But, this is only because we are our own worst critic. Nothing is holding you back from your wonderful work of art but yourself. Don’t hold back, write boldly, write fiercely and voice your opinions and thoughts into the world.

  • Add pictures!
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Pictures are a must in articles for me. I personally find an article more fun to read when there are pictures to it as well. Sometimes a bulk of text is a bit too intimidating for people and many prefer to read something short, simple, but informative. Pictures are a great way to keep an article interesting and just add some overall spice to it.

  • Use different formats of writing in your articles.
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Similar to pictures, a bulk of plain text can be a bit intimidating to readers since it looks dull and long. Thankfully, We Heart It offers many ways for you to be creative in your articles. You can add bullet points, italics, bolding, and so much more. You can also download different font styles to add something unique to your articles.

  • Follow an overall theme.
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Of course, you can write about whatever comes to your mind, but it’s good to keep a theme that you write about more often. If people like what you write about they’ll be looking forward to reading more about it.

  • Catchy Captions.
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Keep your caption as short as possible and use Keywords. Ask yourself if you’d click on that article.

  • Promote or mention other Hearters.
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Especially if you’re doing a tag or your article is inspired by another article, you should credit the original author. You can also link similar articles at the end of yours, that’s a great way to promote each other and spread good vibes!

  • Use emojis when naming your article.
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When there are a dozen articles to choose from, emojis can make all the difference. I love doing this because it adds another level of customization and personality :)

  • Answer a fun tag (encourage your readers to join!).
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For example, there’s the ‘get to know me tag’ and ‘bts army tag’. These are usually a list of questions that will help your audience learn more about you. They’re great for connecting with your readers on a deeper level, and I find that many others have similar interests as me.

  • Have a great cover image.
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Cover images are so important! They make the first impression on your reader and can be the difference between a click or a scroll. It’s important to find one that captures the essence of your article. Make sure it’s high quality and now you’re all set to publish!

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