In Latin, Pennsylvania means "Penn's Woods," named for the heavily forested land given to William Penn in 1681 by Charles II of England to settle a debt owed to Penn's father.
A little over 3 centuries later, Pennsylvania has changed drastically, but I still love my woodsy home!
We're a wonderful blend of rural and urban with several major cities as well as rolling countryside home to Amish and Mennonite communities. Dutch food is a major part of our heritage and the antagonist to my waistline...
I hope you visit if you get the chance!

State Facts

State tree: Hemlock
State flower: Mountain Laurel
Capital: Harrisburg
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Why I Love My State

When asked if I plan on moving, my answer is always "not a chance!" I love PA too much. We're in the perfect geographic area. No earthquakes, tornadoes, or extreme wildfires (except on the rare occasion in history).
The seasons here are glorious! We get just the right amount of summer, fall, winter, and spring. The hilly regions are breathtaking when leaves turn in the autumn. People drive from all over the world to see the forests change colors in the fall.
And here's a not-so-secret but not really well known fun fact: we almost had a national park! Ricketts Glen was well on its way to being recognized as a national park, but when the US entered WWII, all funds were directed towards war efforts and parks were momentarily forgotten.
The almost national park is a natural wonder with over 13,000 acres and 22 named waterfalls, one of which is 94 ft tall.
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I was blessed this summer to be an intern for our state park system. During my time over the past few months, I visited only a handful of our 121 state parks.
Something I learned during my internship: we have castles! Actually, they're mansions, but they are tucked away wonders in the middle of beautiful forests.
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Sightseeing Destinations

Pennsylvania State Capital
The Amish Village
Clyde Peeling's Reptiland
Gettysburg Battlefield
Penn's Cave
Hershey Park & Hershey's Chocolate World
The Liberty Bell
Philadelphia Museum of Art
Presque Isle State Park (on Lake Erie)
Fallingwater (building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright)
Valley Forge
Longwood Gardens
Andy Warhol Museum

Visit anytime :)
Aurora ✾
Aurora ✾

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