First I´m not a native english speaker so I apologize for any grammar error.

Second, my name is Yeni. I gonna start writing articles about my opinions, recomendetations, my fears, etc. I want to try expressing myself through We heart it articles, and I want to improve my english too.

These are 5 things about myself.

1. I am from Colombia.

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2. I like kpop and kdramas.

  • I listen to kpop since 2016. However, If SS501 had been together in 2014, I would probably have heard Kpop since that time.
  • The first kdrama I watched was Secret Garden, but I did not start watching kdrama for secret garden. (Amo Secret Garden).
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  • My obsesion with kdrama started with Playful kiss in 2014. I liked that kdrama so much that I watched the anime and the japonese version og 1993 and 2015. Then I watched Heartstrings and I loved it. After that I saw To the beautiful you, and I kept seeing kdramas until now.
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3. My favorite group is BTS. I also love The Rose and Red Velvet.

4.I´m 21, I will turn 22 in october. I don't care if people think is childish I'm still fangirling about groups and Kdramas.

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5. Recently I realized that I buy green and purple things. My bag, my glasses, my suitcase. it's kinda funny.

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This is all, see you!