Okay I don't know if just me, but I think that everyone have different personalities so I found this super fun.
I decided to give names, ages, etc. Later I will create different collections with them.

I'm going to start with my least favorite;


Age: 15 years old
Appearance: pale, dark, straight and short hair, little lips, freckles, brown eyes, short eyelashes, thin, height 5,3
Music: Indi, relax
Song That Describes Her: Billie Eilish - Party Favor
Phrase That Describes Her: Peace and love
Hobbie: write, listen music, walk, sleep
Personalitie: Insecure, shy, quiet, antisocial

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Age: 17 years old
Appearance: pale, blonde, thick lips, blue eyes, thin, height 5,4
Music: pop, Ariana Grande, Post Malone, Lana del Rey.
Song That Describes Her: Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman
Phrase That Describes Her: Love Yourself
Hobbie: Make up, shopping, clothes, fashion, selfies, go out
Personalitie: diva, 100% self-esteem, loves herself, heartbreaker, friendly and at the same time not everyone is her friend, queen

beautiful eyes, gorgeous, and wow image Image by mathilda mean girls, movie, and amanda seyfried image beauty, makeup, and too faced image


Age: 19 years old.
Appearance: pale skin, redhead hair, freckles, beautiful face, brown light eyes, strong body, height 5,5
Music: Indi, classic, jazz
Song That Describes Her: Debussy - Clair de Lune
Phrase That Describes Her: in search of tomorrow
Hobbie: go to the beach, to camp, read, take care of animals
Personalitie: think differently from others, is a bit mysterious, lesbian

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Age: 16 years old
Appearance: brown and wavy hair, green eyes, height 5,5, bisexual, light brown skin
Music: k-pop, pop, sadness, electronic, 80's
Song That Describes Her: Billie Eilish - Bad Guy
Phrase That Describes Her: How do you know what will happen if you never try
Hobbie: dance, go out, have fun with her friends, sing, play stupids games like truth or dare
Personalitie: fun, cheerful, dummy, sweet, laugh for everything and all the time, lovely, adorable, sensitive, bipolar, outgoing

aesthetic and model image clairo and claire cottrill image aesthetic image aesthetic, vintage, and red image


Age: 17 years
Appearance: pale skin, straight and dark hair, light blue eyes, thick lips, thin body, height 5,2
Music: classic, indi, pop
Song That Describes Her: Lana del Rey -Summertime Sadness
Phrase That Describes Her: This is life, no heaven.. you don't have to be perfect
Hobbie: read, play the piano, clean, make up, fashion
Personalitie: delicate, perfectionist, feminine, neat, straight, serious

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Age: 17 years old
Appearance: short black hair, green eyes, freckles, thick lips, height 5,2
Music: pop, american trap, rap, Michael Jackson
Song That Describes Her: Aaron Smith - Dancing
Phrase That Describes Her: tomorrow you could be dead, so live to the fullest
Hobbies: go to parties every night, sleep with anyone, live life to the extreme, have a good time
Personalitie: Fun, alternative girl, sometimes angry, bipolar, teen, dramatic

jennie, blackpink, and aesthetic image alien, grunge, and tumblr image goals and party image friends, tumblr, and night image


This is the last and my favorite personalitie

Age: 18 years old
Appearance: brown hair, light brown skin, water green eyes, thick lips
Music: Indi, rock, pop, hip-hop, k-pop, 80's - 90's
Song That Describes Her: The Neighbourhood - Daddy Issues
Phrase That Describes Her: whatever man
Hobbie: smoke, go out in night and not come back home, travel, parties, drugs, make jokes, sleep with girls, alcohol
Personalitie: badass, sarcastic, misteryous,
she has no female friends, manly, funny, lesbian, original

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