I've seen a couple of these around and thought I'd jump in on the bandwagon! It's been a while since I made one of these articles (since I started writing fiction for my 30-day challenges), but I love connecting with you all nonetheless.

inspiration and credits go to @sparkles_and_smiles.~

1. What signifies the start of fall to you?

First and foremost? The colors of the leaves changing. I'm more so drawn to what I see rather than what I feel or smell, so my sight always moves me.

Of course, there's the smell of autumn—the literal scent of it in cinnamon, pumpkin spice, chai, and ginger—and the feeling of the temperature dropping to less than comfortably warm, but the colors make up for it.

Just seeing the leaves turn these warm, pretty shades is all I honestly ask for.

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2. Best way to spend a rainy day?

In. Always in. Even if it's sunny out, I'll probably opt for staying in just because I'm the type of person who finds the ultimate comfort in my home. It's a space I've created for myself—a space I am most fond of.

I know some people don't quite understand the charm of it, but there's nothing like cooking something yummy for yourself and sitting down to watch your favorite movie/show or laying down in bed to write, read, or draw.

It's these sorts of introverted activities I like best, and I don't think it'll ever change.

(Besides, that distinct rhythmic sound of the rain outside is something I'll always welcome. It lulls you so fast to sleep, so someone who has insomnia or trouble falling asleep will most definitely welcome rainfall.)

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3. Favorite fall scent?

Ahh! So many to choose from—really! But If I had to, I'd probably always go with espresso. If anything, I'll just opt to light a few candles up so all my favorite scents will mix to create a delightful one.

Espresso and matcha, chocolate and pumpkin, ginger and chai—there are so many combinations you can make. Perhaps even choosing one particular scene for each room or space is a good idea, too.

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4. Favorite fall song?

I don't have one on the top of my head (or one that I specifically distinguish as one for fall), but jazz is one that will keep me going for forever.

There's something about how sweet and gentle it is that goes well with my concept of autumn.

I always have it on youtube radio when I'm studying, and it works wonders. Always seems to get me in my flow and help me trudge through things even when things are looking a little dark. Especially with September already here and the rest of the few fall months looming ahead with exams and other academic responsibilities, I'm going to need all the playlists/radios I need!

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5. Favorite fall color?

Brown, without a doubt. There are mustard and orange, shades of green, navy blue, and maroon, but I will always be chasing after that perfect chocolate shade that makes me feel super comfy.

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6. Favorite fall fashion trend?

Either moody florals or delicate lace.

I'm never one for patterns as I practically shoot for solids (and anything basic, really), but I'll always give florals a chance—especially dark ones that almost mold into their backgrounds.

As for lace, it's one that I think looks so lovely layered underneath a chunky sweater. The silk slip and oversized sweater is a fall trend I'm immensely in love with, and I hope I can try it out one day!

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7. Your most loved fall activity?

If not staying in and curling up with tea or coffee with a book or paper to sketch on, it's definitely going out for fall treats and pastries. There is nothing better than taking advantage of all the limited edition sweets out there that won't be coming back until next autumn!

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8. The best fall treat?

Up until last fall, warm cinnamon buns have been my all-time favorite (because who honestly can say no to one??), but ever since trying stuffed apples with oatmeal filling, I have been changed. Literally.

The apples are warm and just freshly baked, the scent of cinnamon (yes, I can't escape from that), nutmeg, brown sugar, and whatever else they put in that thing of deliciousness rising with the steam above it.

It's never too sweet which I appreciate, and the flavors are the best in the entire world. Seriously—I need to find a good recipe for it so I can make it this season.

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