It has always been bizarre how fate play its games…

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I was walking at 21 crossing and as luck would have it, I saw a man was about to cross the road when a speeding car was passing. I pulled his arm with all my might and I went off balance, I don’t know how i manage to walk in those stilettos. I grabbed onto his arm further. He grabbed me in time but we both fell on top of each other. He manage to protect my head with his hand. We were practically hugging on the sidewalk. my arms were lying there underneath his chest. I swear that i could feel something tough beneath his blue sweater. I looked up, I fell in his dreamy emerald eyes, color of my stone. I didn’t notice it before how handsome he is, . His wavy black hair brushing against my face. I don’t know how long we stayed like this that but it felt as if time has stopped. I finally noticed all stares from people crossing by. I turned red and he jumped off me. He gave me a hand to stand up. Then we each went our different ways. I hope I had asked for his number or even his name. For now, I’ll settle with calling him my prince charming.

Few weeks later on my way to work, I bumped into prince charming once again as I entered underground train. My heart skipped a beat when our eyes met for the second time. This time we both blushed and turned our faces away. A moment later I noticed a men tried to crotch next to me at very close distance. I moved away from him but he kept pushing himself on me. I didn’t know how to react if i scream, he will probably say “All women think that every man wants something from them.” I held my bag tighter. Then I felt someone else approach me. “Great.” I am not going to sit idle. I turned and i saw him again. I guess my prince saw my uneasiness and stood between me and the man. He might have been in a brown jacket and shabby trousers but it felt as he was a knight in armor coming to my rescue. The man feared any commotion towards him so he backed off. I thanked my hero but he said it was nothing compared to saving his life so thanked me in return. Then he asked for my name. I answered then he told me his. Now I know prince charming’s name; Jackson Willison. I was about to ask for his number, but my stop came too soon. When I was heading out, I was tackled by his bag and mine. My lucky charm got intertwined with his bag’s zipper. We both went to untangle them and our fingers brushed. I pulled my hand away and he got our things loose. I got out of the train just in time but now I truly wish I hadn’t. I wish he said something. Maybe i’s all in my head.
It's up to fate to decide if we meet again. third time is the charm, right?