“I had enough of your nagging. How do you think anyone will like you when you don’t even like yourself. This is where you’re wrong. If you want to be an ugly beast then an ugly beast you will be.”

with the wand in thee hand I'll turn you to what you command Till you find someone who shows you love then you will find true beauty within

Our little beautiful Jacquette couldn’t believe what she just heard. She cowered back to the wall feeling immense pain. Something inside her was changing, alright. Her hair grew thicker covering her body, her ears moved to the top of her head, and horns growing out. She dropped onto the ground bearing holding her weight. “What have you done?” she shouted in agony at her fairy godmother Annabelle. She touched her arm with trembling fingers. Annabelle didn’t quiver from her position. “ I’ve had it with you. For the past 3 months asking me to change your hair ( make it short, long, or even dye it), your wardrobe, you even dared to ask me to change your mother’s beautiful face, your father’s eyes, and your physique. You’re already beautiful. The day you came into the world was the first time I saw your father shed tears. He didn’t react like towards any of your brothers or sister.”

“But I didn’t do anything wrong. I did what others have done before. Remember the prince who married a servant only after she looked dazzling in the ball or the one who married a mermaid after she chose to be a human but he only loved her voice.”

“At least they did for someone who deserves it. Not an arrogant prince.”

“Elliot is not arrogant. He’s just... misunderstood. Plus we couldn't be more meant to be.” She grabbed his photo in her locket and held it near her heart. Then pointed it out to Annabelle. “Have you seen anyone more handsome than him?” “Not sure he did either, holding the mirror like another limb. He’s more narcissistic than narcissus, himself,” said Annabelle under her breath. “ Oh, my dear Elliot. Vicious Annabelle wants us apart. She doesn’t understand, we are meet to be. It’s not a coincidence that we’re the youngest in the throne line.” “Sweetie, he’s nowhere near the throne line. He’s the eleventh son.” Annabelle retorted. “I don’t care! I love him. But now, how will he ever love me when I’m a monster. No thanks to you.” Jacquette turned the cheek pouting which made the little fairy give in. “Fine” Jacquette looked up with a grin on her face. “You will change me back.” “Sugar pie, that’s not how spell works. Once a fairy cast a spell, it sticks on you forever.” “So much for protecting me” The beastling mumbled. “I heard that.” “What” Annabelle sighed with all her frustration upon the girl who’s only 14 and thinking of marrying the guy whom she danced with once. “If he’s truly your soulmate, then, he will have no problem with how you look.” Jacquette pouted even more. “Do you want to know how to talk to animals?” a beast or not, Jacquette has always scary eyes when she gets angry. “Leave,” she wanted to shout but her tears were hard to control. Annabelle turn back from her human form to a little tiny fairy and flew out of the window. She knew better than to stick around.

She, finally, let it all out. She cried her heart out. She shredded her portrait, the bed, her diary. Then she cried herself to sleep in the remains of her bed.

On the other side, a young boy named Beau. yes, as in B-e-a-u, french for handsome. He lives in a small town where his mother works as a horologist, she deals with all types of clocks. Life isn’t easy on Beau. Besides the fact that his mother is called "Cuckoo lady", having the name pretty wasn't the best of things. There is that one thing that made his life worth living, BOOKS. Well, actually two things, his best friend Gaston and books. They share a lot: bravery, chivalry, and being bullied, Beau from his schoolmates, and Gaston from his father. they were inseparable like bears and honey. That was till the accident happened.

To be continued