Aries are strong. They represent the strengh to start something new: they are not afraid of beginning something. However, they do have a problem finishing things: Aries are usually taken by adrenaline and, when their adrenaline levels go down and the excitement of the ‘new’ goes away, they tend to abandon the project they begun. Actually, Aries have this tendency of being caught by the moment. They are the sign that feels most the monotony of life, and they are always searching for new ways to add action in their lives.

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Taurus is a really stuborn sign. They like and need safety in everything they do (so they hate to take risks). The best plans for a Taurus is to stay home watching Netflix or reading a book and eating something. They give much importance to money, because it will give them the safety they want. They like to be in beautiful places and they normally like make up and to use pretty clothes. They like traveling too. They are children of Venus, the love and beauty planet; they like to enjoy life. In love, they are romantic, but they usually take a long time to fall for someone. They will be around, just seeing if it is safe to have feelings for that person.

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Geminis are smart, active people. Their mental flow is fast, which ables them to suddenly move from one activity to other. I like to think about Gemini like the breeze: they are fast and impossible to control. Normally have many friends and like to go out very often. They love art in every kind of way, since drawing to poetry, and love traveling. They like smart people, that make them think, people whom they can talk about many subjects. They are modern and funny, which makes some people think that they cannot take anything serious: they can, but if they want to.

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Cancer feel things deeply and tend to be a little anxious about everything. Very sensible, Cancer live on the past. They spend most part of their time reminding how the past was, suffering because of something bad that happened 2 years ago, regretting a choice they made. As the animal that represents them, Cancer are a crab. If they find anything that may harm them, they’ll hide inside their shell and only appear when they feel safe. Cancer loves to be at home. They take their house (or their room) as their private paradise, and really enjoy to be at home watching Netflix.

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✰ LEO ✰

For Leos, life has no fun if it’s not lived to the fullest of their emotions. So, they tend to act as if they are in a drama movie: they suffer, shout and act like they’ll never move over their last breakup, and then they wake up the next morning and are already flirting with another person. Leo have a high self-stem. They love themselves and, even if they are not aesthetically beautiful, they have a confident aura that makes them attractive. A random fact: they love their hair. They always have beautiful and bulky hair (like the mane of a lion) and tend to play with it a lot. They are really courageous and active, but they also tend to be a little stubborn.

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Virgos are the most organized sign of the zodiac: they make lists, bullet journals, everything to keep things tidy. They are usually minimalist, nice, observing and reserved people. If things get out of their schedule, they can be a little cold, critical and anxious. Discrete, lovable and funny, Virgos are the best people to ask for advices. They have their feet on the ground and are very realistic and practical about life. They don’t wanna hear all that drama about how your boyfriend broke up with you; they want to help you to organize your life without him and define strategies so you won’t think of him. They like being safe, so they do not open easily, you need to get to know them before you actually know their inside.

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Balances are lovable, calm, talkative and sociable people. They love to put on some make-up, dress up, make their hair. They are beautiful and, even if they are not aesthetically beautiful, they are always very presentable and elegant. They are balanced (what you can see by their name), optimistic and tend to be a little undecided. Romantic, they are the most civilized sign of the zodiac, and tend to be popular and well known by everyone. Their presence is pleasant and they are empathic and good friends.

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Scorpios are intense. They feel things deep down and tend to keep their feelings and thoughts to themselves. They are very intuitive and read between the lines of the unknown, seeing things that most people don’t see. Their eyes are the best part of their bodies: intense, sexy, holding lots of mysteries. Sometimes, Scorpios can be a little controlling, so it’s important to them to remember to let things go and be the way they are. They are focused and pursue their dreams like no one else.

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Sagittarius are funny people. Talkative, they like to travel, party and go out with their friends. They are optimistic, like a sun in the middle of the room. They are dedicated and study a lot, knowing a lot of different stuff. Sagittarius is, since Antiquity, related to religion. Therefore, they like to be connected to spirituality (but not always in the normal ways, as going to church). They like to create new ways to do things and they love to feel free to live their lives in the way they want. Their biggest characteristic is their love for adventure.

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Capricorns are nice, reserved, practical, patient people. Like Virgo, they are really organized, and very ambitious. Sometimes, they can be cold and pessimist, so they need to pay attention to not fall into this. They hate superficial people, and people that do not take things seriously. Of course, they like funny companies, but they want them to know how to behave in serious situations. Capricorns are hardworking and responsible, but they have to be careful not to become a workaholic. They love security, and are known to spend their money carefully. Usually, they tend to have a few loyal friends than lots of acquaintances.

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Aquarius are modern people. They are rebels, always fighting for some social cause, but sometimes they can struggle a little too much just to be different. They have exotic interests and can talk about many subjects, knowing a bit about everything. They are honest people and highly intellectual. Sometimes, they can feel a bit lonely. It happens because it is hard for Aquarius to open up easily. They need some time to create a bond with someone. Even though they can be open about discussing some topics, they can also be stubborn about others.

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Pisces are sweet, lovable, empathic people. They are talkative and charismatic, which makes them good to deal with people. They are sensible and intuitive. Their imagination is amazing and they tend to daydream a lot. They are adaptable, shaping their actions based on the circumstances they are dealing with. You can find a good friend in Pisces, the type that will torn the world apart for you, if necessary. They tend to be calm and pacific, and give lots of importance to spirituality, looking for something to believe. In personal relationships, they look for a unique union with a person, someone that truly loves and understands them. And don’t underestimate them: their calm, innocent eyes seduce everyone.

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