Hi! My name is Aleksandra and I would like to present my name in cities of our world.
I think it's kind of inspiration to show that one name can reflect the cultures of other countries, but at the same time maintain its special charm and aesthetics.
a t h e n s, greece
art, girl, and aesthetic image Athens, goddess, and laurel image Greece and aesthetic image food, drink, and wine image
l u x e m b u r g, luxemburg
words, lost, and quotation image beautiful, sky, and forest image beautiful, castle, and city image blonde, travel, and europe image
e d i n b u r g h, scotland
architecture, buildings, and castle image edinburgh castle image castle, edinburgh, and fog image bookshop, edinburgh, and europe image
k y o t o, japan
culture, japan, and kyoto image Temporarily removed aesthetic, theme, and japan image theme, aesthetic, and japan image
s t o c k h o l m, sweden
stockholm and sweden image buildings, city, and colours image architecture, church, and sweden image stockholm and sweden image
a d e l a i d e, australia
adelaide, beach, and sky image adelaide, bench, and home image adelaide, analog, and city image beach image
n o t t i n g h a m, england
Image removed Image by 👑Øümnîā.Ã.R.L👑 Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
d r e s d e n, germany
Temporarily removed aesthetic, garden, and angel image art image alternative, art, and beauty image
r i g a, latvia
coffee, warm, and cozy image 35mm, adventure, and analogue image architecture, art, and lantern image city, cozy, and evening image
a m s t e r d a m, the netherlands
travel image Temporarily removed light, city, and amsterdam image automne, cofee, and fall image