This works for your sun, moon, rising/ascendant, and venus sign (if it involves a relationship). Also, these are general readings, these don't apply to everyone. If you want a personal reading, just message me.

Aries: You're going to get what you desire. Be prideful and hardworking.

Taurus: Look out when it comes to a new relationship. Take cation towards it and be passionate.

Gemini: Be open to love and don't have a strategy. Be open and wise when it comes to who you love.

Cancer: It's okay to use your intuition. Rise and take action.

Leo: Follow your heart and intuition. You're going to get what your heart desires.

Virgo: Have some time for yourself. Rise into this new cycle and be confident.

Libra: Be happy with the stuff you have right now. Just wait for an opportunity.

Scorpio: You might not like where you are right now, but the world isn't over.

Sagittarius: Know where you stand and go after what you desire.

Capricorn: Be yourself and balance out the positive and negative sides of this new cycle.

Aquarius: It's okay to ask for advice. Take this opportunity or leave it.

Pisces: Realize what's going on and be strong about it.