How school keeps me away from writing

You know that thing you love? No, not your girlfriend or boyfriend or bff, I said that thing. Your hobby. You know? That one thing that you have a passion for, that thing you could talk about for half an hour with that sparkle in your eyes. Yea? Mine is writing.

I can loose myself in fictions in my head, marvel at stories I have in mind, stories that are not mine, not yours, not real, but stories I can bring alive by typing lines.
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But school keeps me away from that. And in the hope not to be the only one, I will write and publish this:

The first problem about writing, is that it takes time. A lot of time. Sometimes, a chapter can take hours to be written. Some times, even only scene can take more than an hour (if that’s not your case, either your scene is very short or you are an alien). And if you go to school from 8.00 to 18.00like me, there is no time to write.

You could tell me that there is plenty of time on the weekend, Not when you’re in eleventh class in my school and have a lot of homework. So, why don’t I write once my homework is done? Well...

Let me introduce you to the next problem of writing.

To write, you need energy. Your brain needs energy. And when do you have that energy? In the morning. But when you have a bunch of homework to do, and you care about grades, the work becomes your priority

yea…grades matter more than mental health. Always the same story

Anyways, fact is that you use all that morning energy for your homework and once it’s done, you’re tired. Not physically, but mentally. And with that mental tiredness, forget about writing.

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Another big deal with writing – and maybe the most important one – is to be inspired.

Writers, you WILL relate (if you don’t, you’re an alien for sure):
you can’t write unless you’re inspired. No joke, with no inspiration, you won’t be able to write one sentence (or you will write it and realize it’s shit). So EVEN IF I found myself in a situation where I do have time, homework is done and a bit of mental energy is left, the problem is that school work kills your inspiration. And once again, no inspiration, no writing.

So this is basically all I had to say. I wish I could stop the time every Sunday morning, when the sun and the acoustic music through my earphones give me the will – almost the need – and the inspiration to write, and do it. From 10:12 am to 10:12 am, write everything I can, everything I want, and be happier in life.
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