I had convinced myself
With lies dressed as the truth
Searching for a cheap thrill
Something to trick myself
Into thinking i was changing
And believing I was happy.

Change came at random
Improvement in the name of me
My happiness the end goal
But i had been down that road
Many times before to know
That I needed a dream

The dream of a hopeless romantic
Searching for a sense of self
Trying to fight the worst of me
Come out on top
Finally becoming Me

I found my anchor in you
Aiming for your affection
Someone who has been here before
Came out on top
Faced his fears
Fought his lies
Found his truth

You are my end gioal
My christmast gift
A not so untouchable dream
And for a helpless romantic like me
Who is struggling to breath
To fight myself and win
You Helped Me Be Me...