Since I was 12, I have been a huge Melanie Martinez fan and have been patiently anticipating the release of a new album and now it's finally here! K-12 was released last Friday and obviously I woke up at 3am to watch it. Before watching k-12 I was hesitant because I was worried that nothing could ever be as good as cry baby but I was so wrong, it was amazing!

The film its self was very wierd yet wonderful but thats what I expected to be honest. But ofcourse what made the films was the songs. I love how the songs tell the story but heres a list of my favourite songs from the film:

- Strawberry shortcake.
- Orange juice.
- Detention.
- Wheels on the bus.
- High school sweethearts.
- The principal.
- Show and tell.
- Drama club.

So theres my whole article my lovelies, and heres the link to my Melanie playlist incase you want to check it out xoxo