1. A Color // O C R A Y E L L O W

quentin tarantino, movie, and tarantino image quotes, yellow, and life image quotes, yellow, and words image autumn and yellow image

2. A Season // A U T U M N

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed autumn, fall, and cozy image eyes, eye, and brown image

3. A Book // W H I T E N I G H T S Dostevskij

quotes, heart, and dostoevsky image driving, free, and teen image Temporarily removed Image by Cola

4. A Time // E I G H T I E S

70s, album, and american image Temporarily removed Image removed Temporarily removed

5. A Song // T H E L A S T S O N G_Trisomie 21

Image by Farewell.exe Image by Farewell.exe Image by Farewell.exe Image by Farewell.exe

6. An Activity // L I S T E N I N G T O M U S I C

david bowie, bowie, and rock image backpack, casa, and coat image music, aesthetic, and alternative image Temporarily removed

7. Music Gender // A L T E R N A T I V E R O C K

Image removed guitar, music, and grunge image Image removed Verdena image


cine, cinema, and drug image Christiane F, drugs, and movie image 1981, Christiane F, and couple image Abusive image