Often this feeling comes up, taking your breath away. As you go on, with no air.
You go on braindead, just walking, eating, sleeping. And you're gone, not there, not present and everything seems to be on pause in your mind. Just nothing.
And you don't know how to catch your breath again, most of the time, you're not aware you stopped breathing. But at some point, something or someone unblocks you and you're able to breath again. You feel things again, see things.
Reborn and starting fresh with Autumns crisp air.

It's not always easy though so here are a couple of good autumnal movies to help and find comfort in. And don't forget to have a warm bath, apple pie, hot chocolat and long walks!

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So First of all Harry Potter all of them!
Always <3
But in autumn particulary the first and sixth one. Because personally those are the most nostalgic and peaceful ones for me. They calm me and comfort me. And often autumn is the season I need to get calm and find comfort after a long, adventurous, busy summer.

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Secondly St Elmo's fire. An 80's classic with Demi Moore, Rob Lowe, and almost all of the Breakfast Club cast living their lives as 20 somethings, struggling with growing up and just how to find yourself... I absolutely love this movie, I feel understood when I watch it and it comforts me.

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Third I'd say The dead poets society. A film that empowers you with a broken heart. I won't say more, it's a must. Beautiful movie with inspiring Robin Williams.

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Fourth I recommend When Harry met Sally, I suppose most of you know this 80's autumn romantic movie? It's a romance with an autumnal feeling to it.

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And fifth but not least, is actually not really a movie but black and white/old movies and all fall related old cartoons, like the looney toons, Scooby doo, old Disney cartoons and Charlie Brown... .

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Hope you liked it ! Here are my other articles if you're interested !

Lots of love,
Mélanie De Buysscher