Option 1 : Turkey+cheddar roll-up , fresh berries , yogurt , trail mix.

sandwich, breakfast, and food image cheese, delicious, and dinner image autumn, baskets, and berries image food, strawberry, and healthy image

Option 2 : Hummus , pita bread , grape tomatoes , cucumbers , sliced oranges.

dip, food, and hummus image yoghurt, chickpea, and pita bread image food, grape, and recipe image orange, fruit, and food image

Option 3 : Cheese quesadilla , guacamole , salsa , tortilla chips , strawberries.

cheese and food image avocado, dip, and homemade image food, nachos, and yummy image food, guacamole, and nachos image sandwich, shrimp, and wrap image strawberry, food, and fruit image

Option 4 : Deli meat , cheese kabobs , red pepper slices , apples , fruit leather or snacks.

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Option 5 : Hard boiled eggs , baby carrots , pretzels , peaches.

food, healthy, and breakfast image baby carrots and stuffed chicken image candy, chocolate, and food image peach, fruit, and food image

Option 6 : pasta salad , yogurt , granola bar , raspberries.

food, pasta, and Chicken image food, raspberry, and healthy image food image berries, food, and fruit image

Option 7 : almond butter toast , string cheese , fruit cup , chips.

bread image Temporarily removed fruit, food, and healthy image food, yummy, and chips image

Option 8 : crackers , cheddar cheese cubes , grapes , lara bare or cliff bar.

drink, food, and wine image aesthetics, fruit, and grapes image cherries, cherry, and delicious image fitness, healthy, and motivation image

Option 9 : bagel , cream cheese , yogurt tube , avocado , fruit snacks.

food, avocado, and bagel image food and bagel image quality and tumblr image berries, fruit, and mango image

Option 10 : veggie wrapes with hummus , edamame or snap peas , clementine , granola bar.

fitness, food, and foodie image black olive hummus image avocado, beans, and Chicken image Temporarily removed citrus, clementines, and fruit image food, healthy, and fitness image