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Tea or Coffee?

coffee, autumn, and rain image Image removed

Apple or Pumpkin pie?

apple, fall, and food image fall, food, and pie image
apple pie.

Baking or Hiking?

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Sunny or Rainy.

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i usually prefer sunny days, but I like rainy days better for this time of the year.

Stay home or Go out?

autumn, fall, and coffee image book, autumn, and winter image
stay home.

Cinnamon roll or Caramel apple?

autumn, cinnamon roll, and dessert image food, sweet, and fall image
cinnamon rolls.

Village or City?

autumn, fall, and leaves image city, travel, and autumn image

Read a book or watch Netflix?

autumn, fall, and harry potter image autumn, book, and coffee image

Cookies or Pie?

autumn, fall, and Cookies image Image by eladvi

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